My full name is Samir Suleymanov. I"m from Azerbaijan. I was born on 22nd of december, 1984 in Baku (the capital of Azerbaijan).

The biggest ability I have is designing. I design building, interrior, furniture, different things for the use in the life etc. But most of all I like to design cars.

I very much like swimming, playing basketball as it"s my favourite game, travelling etc. If you want to contact me you can mail to: designer_samir@yahoo.com and communicate in four languages: Azeri, Turkish, Russian and/or English...

Stay for a cup of tea before leaving my website! :)

At the end of writing I want to remind: Don"t forget that the meaning of life is test and only. Spend your time earning the Paradise! The only way to earn the Paradise and avoid the Hell is to obey and worship Allah Who is the only One worthy of worship! Allah says in Quran: "Today, I have completed your religion, perfected My blessing upon you, and I have decreed Submission (Islam) as the religion for you." (Al-Ma"edah, 3).